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Other programs for binary options

Programs for binary options trading (additional services)

Binary options are the most lucrative way of trading on global financial markets. The great popularity of option trading led to the development of associated services that are provided by broker companies and third-party online resources.

Let's start with the live charts for binary options, which are provided by the resource.

Specified Internet resource offers online charts of various financial assets to everyone (site registration is not required). There are more than 200 names. The benefit of this service is that a trader can take advantage of tools that are available in the chart quotes window and apply a vast selection of technical indicators to a financial instrument. Thus, if a standard terminal offered by the brokerage company is not enough for you to trade, you will be able to completely build your own trading strategy by using the proposed service.

Other programs for binary options

In addition, such online data charts possess an exceptional tool – Renko charts – a special way of financial assets charting, with the help of which the price quotes look like this.

Other programs for binary options

As you can see, due to the time averaging of price changes, quotes of the instruments change into a more predictable form. Company offers additional software to its customers besides a web terminal, which is a stand-alone operating online quotes charts for financial assets.

Other programs for binary options

At the same time, traders do not need to "deposit" foreign currency to the company’s account.

After you install this software on your personal computer, you will have the opportunity to review instruments quotes in completely different ways. First, the trader receives an opportunity to look at the charts in the form of candlesticks (shown in the screenshot above), watch the "forest" quotes that are more intuitive to show changes in price trends

Other programs for binary options

watch the tick values quotes

Other programs for binary options

or apply technical indicators to the chart, which are provided in this program in quite an impressive number.

Other programs for binary options

The next thing we consider is a service that is familiar to everyone - it is «Live» trading preferences of other trades data, which sometimes can be very important when choosing the direction to execute a trade.

Such data is placed by brokers directly in the interface of their own trading platform.

Stock Watch

Often trading strategies depend on the time of world markets trading. How do I find the time by UTC, which is determining the start and the end of trading sessions of world financial markets? Please use the online clock from

In addition, you will find a service similar to that described above on this website. However you will have these other brokerage firms' traders preferences in possession.

ThinkOrSwim PaperMoney

Finally it comes the turn of the ThinkOrSwim service, which can be very, very interesting solution to improve the profitability of each trader trading systems.

In essence, Thinkorswim is a trading platform for full-fledged trading the financial markets, however, the trick lies in the fact that traders can use it in demo mode and use it as a kind of tips for trading with their own trading platforms.

Platform contains advanced functionality, quotes and Reuters news calendar, as well as the volume of trading on the world markets, the scanner of financial instruments, a variety of strategies to trade and various kinds of tools for technical analysis.

As has been mentioned above, the platform has several modifications, «PaperMoney» for demo trading and thinkDesktop for the live account desktop trading. In this article, we will consider the option of using the demo platform. Let us note that the terminal itself is quite difficult to understand and is very different from web terminals provided by brokerage firms for binary options trading.

Other programs for binary options

After registration in the service and entering the trading platform, you can form your own workspace, which may include 4 quotes charts of the following sections:

- currency pairs;
- indices;
- shares;
- commodities.

Other programs for binary options

Also, there is the possibility to use pre-made templates: Forex Trader, Future Trader, Products and Active Trader. All certain patterns have different sets of tools and tool display intervals.

Other programs for binary options

In the terminal you can see the “market maker” functions where you can see the largest concentration of traders' orders, view charts in a variety of formations as well as to apply various technical tools and templates to trading strategies.

Furthermore, additional terminal services are installed:

- news from the Reuters agency;
- CNBC Internet Radio;
- calculator;
- a variety of games to while away the waiting the entry conditions for the next trade.

With this terminal you will be able to significantly expand and increase your trading opportunities.

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