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Binary options robot Algobit

Algobit – is a software developed by Optionbit brokerage company and is in fact part of the platform of the given financial services operator for the market of binary options.

Nerve center of the program is located in the terminal of every trader and operates based on a specific collection of indicators by which signals are generated for binary options trading. In fact algobit is a kind of technical analyzer of all financial assets in trading platform, performing charts monitoring for stock prices, commodities, currency pairs and indices. Obtaining technical signals that there is high probability that an asset will fall and rise, the robot sends a signal to the trading platform of the necessity to perform a trade.

Traders registered with the Optionbit Company have the opportunity to use the software for their own trading for free, in both automatic and semi-automatic modes. That is, traders can allow algobit trading advisor to enter orders to the market on its own, or simply use its signals as reference data for independent trading.

Algobit is not available for download, since it is an integral part of the trading Web terminal, located at the Optionbit brokerage company and this is much better than using the software independently. Why? Because if you decide to use a trading robot for automated trading, it will trade even if you have your computer turned off as it is on the broker’s server. In case you are going to use it for professional "tips", its autonomy is not required as the access is not limited by anything, just as if it was independently installed on your PC.

How is algobit used

Algobit is located in a separate part of the trading terminal in the protected area of the Optionbit Company website. It has its own manual for binary options trading. At the same time, you can switch to automated trading software tools.

At that, if you use it in automatic mode, then:

  • algobit from time to time displays data on the purchase or sale of a financial asset signal occurrence on the information board, with a brief description of which option should be used to enter the market, for which asset, whichever expiration date and whether it should be bought or sold by trader. In this case, the trader can consider the potentially traded financial asset quotes table by himself, to assess the relevance of given signal and its authenticity. After that, you have to confirm the algobit robot further trading of the signal or to go to the part of the website for manual trade and enter the market by making a trade on your own, or just leave the signal ignored.
If you use algobit in automatic mode, then:

  • trading robot performs generation and implementation of the signals received by the making binary options trades. At the same time, the personal presence of the trader when executing trades is optional. The robot chooses all binary options parameters, traded asset and executes purchase or sale trades according to certain parameters of trader’s money management and capital management.

What is algobit trading robot efficiency

Traders using this trading advisor in semi-automatic mode review it as a wonderful on-hand technical tool, which is very useful for obtaining information as clues for further manual trading activity. Thus, the robot if used properly can be a great technical indicator for all trading terminal quotes charts. Of course, given algobit was invented by market professionals and provides good trading signals, traders who use it can significantly improve their trading. And so it happens. According to official statistics and traders reviews, the total profits from trading with the help of the advisor increase from 17% to 37%. Agree when trading advisor constantly monitors all the assets of the terminal, and your task is only to analyze signals and to manually execute trades, it is way easier than spending much more time in front of the trading platform, searching for assets and opportunities to enter the market.

Why is the percentage of mistrust and bad reviews there?

Of course, the robot provides the signals of not 100% probability. Since the market of financial assets is difficult to predict. The percentage of advisor’s positive signals is at about 70% level. However, there is still 30% of the false signals, which result in losses. In addition, novice traders use this advisor with minimum deposits, forgetting about the rules of money management. That is, if the account is only 200 USD, then during automated robot trading it can make only a few signal mistakes in a row to have half of the money taken away from the trader's account. Thus, trading with algobit advisor, whether automatic or semi-automatic, must be carried out with strict observance of the rules of money management in order to withstand the possible negative market factors. Only this way the advisor will show a stable percentage of profitable trading orders execution.

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