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Binary options – scam or not?

Again and again, surfing the Internet, you meet articles about “binary scams”, where it is seen with the naked eye that these text writers are trying to press “the buttons” of traders sub-consciousness, trying to persuade them that binary option is deceit.

Why? Because binary options trading spoilt brokerage companies plans, they propagandize another ways of trading. More than that, you can face “draining” of unsuccessful traders, who drained their trading deposits and now they are ready to accuse anyone, but not themselves.

Let’s start with the fact that binary options is the same exchange product as Forex trading, futures and other similar ways of trading in financial markets. However, in binary options is realized everything that wasn’t enough earlier, that is:

- simple logical approach – “up” or “down”

Binary options – scam or not?

- firm and known beforehand limits of loss and profits

Binary options – scam or not?

- known beforehand term of closed deals

Binary options – scam or not?

Tell us, please, what of these conditions can make binary options trading a scam?

Remembering, that not like other ways of trading, binary options can bring from 70% to 600% profit from money, which were invested in every certain deal. It is difficult to remember such kind of trading, when during several hours, a trader could earn by one deal from invested 100$ - 600$. However, it is possible in binary options. Binary options made things clear in trading in financial market and it became unprofitable for another trading companies, where 67% of traders started using binary options in trading. As a result, contract articles started appearing on the Internet, which are trying to bring light to such kind of trading by financial assets. Although, as it is shown above – all of them are in fact the main conditions for trading, where there are not any ruses.

«Binary option is a scam” – it is one of the statements of traders, who didn’t use the rules of capital management and money management, but they managed their trading according to clear theory of probability. At the same time enough number of clients of brokerage companies, having mastered all skills in trading and having chosen a good trading strategy, trade with profits, having made binary options the main article of their own earning.

There is only one variant of deceit in binary options, trading deposit can suffer from it, it is the using of brokerage companies services, which came to financial market with one aim to cheat their clients and make money “from the air”, helping their traders to “drain” deposits. Such brokerage companies are called “kitchens”. However, cheating in our world happens very often and you had better get used to it and learn not to be caught in the nets of unfair brokerage companies with the help of which, binary options are really a deceit. To avoid cheating, it is enough to choose a brokerage company not according to their advertisement, but according to brokers rating, which is made up by specialists of financial market. As for “kitchens”, the question is rather serious and capacious and for this article, however nowadays there a lot of good, fair brokers, who offer clear conditions for trading and don’t let themselves play with clients’ deposits. Moreover, nowadays, the activity of many brokers is regulated by Centre of Regulating of Relations in Financial Markets, which realize the control for brokers of binary options, it puts the quality of financial services in order.

Taking into account all above mentioned, choosing a brokerage company, you should look at the experience of the others, using brokerage companies rating, and organize your own trading according to strict following the rules of capital and money management. And don’t forget to realize trading operation with a clear plan of a trader and profitable trading strategy. In this case, the results will be very soon, and your deposit will start increasing.

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