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All-prized options – is it real?

All-prized options – is it real?
Annoying advertisement on the Internet calls everyone, even a person who has never heard about “binary options”, to get rich with them for just several months. To prove it there are super reliable all-prized strategies, which have already made rich millions of people, and you can be the next. Free courses with video-materials also attract your attention. But is it real? Now we are going to examine it together.

Not to keep the intrigue to the end of the article, let’s say that all-prized strategies in any financial market – it is a myth. There is no such kind of earning, which would suit anyone without any costs. It is cheating, and that person, who is making you a fool will earn. He will earn with your misunderstanding of the system of financial markets and principle of their work. Not to face it, you must know the main things, which we will try to explain.

Why binary options trading without risks is not possible?

Success of any trader of any financial markets is identified not just by the number of profitable deals, but by correlation of deals with profits and losses. A person can close one profitable deal and earn for example 1000$, and then close five unsuccessful deals with loss of 100$ each. But in general a trader is with a profit of 500$. But no one can close only profitable deals – it is the axiom!

All-prized options – is it real?
The main traders helpers in technical analysis are indicators. Practically any of them, according to statistics, generate about 60% of trading signals, giving profits. But 40% are false signals, which give a trader only losses. The improvements of indicators can help, but it won’t turn it into the Holy Grail and universal instrument for earning millions. Even “sliding average” you can build so, that they would be sensitive to price changes. In this case, this indicator will be leading, but the percent of false signals will increase. From the other hand, if you make them less sensitive, the indicator will be lagging. In this case, at the moment of generating of trading signal the biggest part of possible profit will be missed.

If we examine such kind of prognostics as graphical analysis, here everything isn’t also so one-valued. For example, formed pattern after it gives you a trading signal, it can be transformed in another one and be broken. But you know that graphical analysis is a subjective method of prognostics. One trader will see one thing, another trader will see the other thing, but who will be right only market will decide.

It is necessary to understand, that market sometimes turns and goes against all rules of analysis and trading signals and to predict this moment is impossible. What is on the basis of any trading system in binary options market? The main thing is trading signals, which won’t give you 100% of guarantee. It means that it is impossible to trade all-prized. Of course, you can and you must reduce losses to minimum, and two things are necessary for it – theory and practice.

Secrets of victory

Not more than 3-5% of people, who came to earn in financial markets stay here, according to statistics. Why is the percent so small? Someone came for easy money, lost his money and disappeared, someone traded with profits, but his earning was minimal. As in our life, only the strongest can stay alive. Finally, to achieve success in any profession, whether you are a lawyer, a doctor, a programmer, you need appropriate knowledge and a lot of practice. So, why when we are speaking about binary options market, we don’t think so. Of course, it can be so, that a novice in this market shows phenomenon profit, but if he doesn’t understand the reason of price movement, he will lose his money. We want to earn big money for a long time, but to do it you need to get knowledge and use it on the practice.

That’s why, the first thing you need to stay in binary option market, if you want it, is to trade with profit. There is summary profit for any time interval (day, week, month) must be positive. You can achieve it with cuts and tries, but not with mythical strategies of binary options trading without risks. You must remember that binary options is not “freebie”, it is a hard work. If you are not ready to it, it is better not to start.

All-prized options – is it real?
There is a second advice, which is logical continuation of the first one. How can you make your profit rise and losses fall? The correct answer is the choice of your own trading system. Of course, a novice can’t think of his own trading system at once, which could suit to his working style. He should test different systems, work with demo-account, try to trade with different assets. Step by step he will understand thanks to practice, what instruments for analysis are better for him, what style of management lets him feel comfortable and admit slumps, which happen on his trading way. He will learn not to close a deal, noticing the first signal, but he will wait confirmation by other signals.

Step by step, having gone through this way, a trader will become independent from opinion of leading experts and analytics. He will make the analysis and make additional changes in his trading system, if he sees that it works less active. Only in this case, he can get profit in binary option market. There is no another way.

Let’s make a conclusion

No doubt, binary option market is nice possibility not just to earn, but to become financially independent person. It would be silly to miss such an opportunity. But you must decide, are you ready to go through a difficult way from the novice to expert of financial market? You will not be able to do it quickly and for one day. Are you ready to spend your time on it? If the answer is yes, you will get, in addition to constant profit, the ability to make a decision, take a risk, accept the defeat, self-discipline and the ability to get necessary information. And you will become another person. We wish you that!

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