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Types of bonuses in binary options

Competition in the market for trading binary options is quite wide. Today, there are about 90 brokerage firms that offer to trade the highly liquid exchange-traded products. Operators of the brokerage services are in constant competition war forced to constantly improve the quality of services, expand their complex, as well as coming up with more and more new ways to lure customers. In its turn, exclusive and previously unavailable bonuses become sometimes available for traders.

Bonuses is a kind of lure. This is today the most interesting and effective incentive to attract new customers. What types of bonuses are there? Here are the most standard packages of privileges:

  • bonus on the first deposit. In some cases the brokers offer a welcome bonus of up to 120% of the amount paid by the customer. That is, if the customer makes a deposit, for example, in the amount of 1000 USD, the broker increases it into 1200 USD, and on the account of the trader there is the amount of 2200 USD. Quite an interesting proposal, taking into account the fact that the trader did not even start to trade, and the amount of money in the account is doubled. Of course, it is impossible to withdraw immediately the accrued bonus money. It will be possible to do this after the trader will make a certain amount of deals. However, it is a significant support for every novice trader. In addition, all the income received in the course of trading remains on the account of the trader.
  • bonus on each subsequent replenishment of trading deposit. On average, the amount of money that the brokerage company charges to its customers for the subsequent replenishment of the trading account, is up to 50%. However, this encouraging attracts traders to cooperate with the company. Because, you see if you deposit 1,000 USD and get 500 USD as a bonus, this is a very interesting gift. However, you also need to work out this money on your trading account committing a certain amount of deals. In this case, the income also remains on the client's account.
  • no deposit bonus. It is a very interesting offer for those who want to try trading binary options, but do not intend to make funds to their trading account. For such traders the brokerage company offers its no deposit bonus. That is, the broker itself charges the customer's account funds to trade. Some brokers offer the amount of no deposit bonus up to 100 USD, and it is quite an interesting offer. Of course, in order to withdraw the bonus money, the trader needs to make a certain amount of transactions.
  • risk-free transactions. This is an offer that you cannot refuse. Since the brokerage company in this case partially, and sometimes up to 100% insures the first 2-3 transactions made by its customers. What is the sense of this? The customer deposits on his account, for example, 1000 USD and has the right to make 3 transactions in obtaining damages for which the broker fully reimburses their size (after the third transaction). How to take advantage of this? Divide your own funds into 3 equal parts, that is, 333 USD and commit 3 trading operations. If all three deals bring a profit, it shall be credited to the customer's account and is his property according to the terms of the company. If some of them (or just three of them) resulted in a loss, the broker fully reimburses the resulting damage. However, think over what amount of profit a trader will get if he would hold trading options One-Touch, the interest payments on which is sometimes up to 650% -700% ?! That is, with three profitable trading operations the client receives an increase in the amount of 6500 USD or 7000 USD of the income on his own account. Though in the case of losses, the trader simply remains with his 1000 USD. An interesting proposal? Of course, yes! Moreover, the obtained profits can be withdrew immediately from your trading account.
  • professional training. This is also a bonus. That is, you make to your trading account a certain amount and you get access to an additional package of training materials or your own professional trader who will teach you personally how to trade on a professional trade market and will share his experiences with you. In addition, in the package of additional training the company includes some exclusive binary options trading strategies that have been tested and optimized for their subsequent use in a profitable trade binary options market.
  • compensation of the commission of payment systems. It's not a secret that VISA, MasterCard or any other electronic payment system charge their customers a fee for conducting financial transactions. I.e, you're making a deposit of 1000 USD, but in reality you get 970 USD, as 3% of the transfer amount is a commission. As a bonus, many brokerage companies conduct such transactions on their own account. That is, they pay a commission instead of their clients. It is a trifle, but rather attractive one. Moreover, such a bonus contemplates the commission not only during the depositing, but when withdrawing money too.
  • interests on customer's funds. All brokerage companies use risk-free bank accounts opened in reliable banks to store customer funds. In fact, the opening of a trading deposit with a broker, is the same as opening a usual deposit in the bank. The difference is that if you open a deposit at the bank on your own, you do not have access to your funds. If you open a deposit with a brokerage company, you have the right to make your own funds trading. At the same time, the bank through a brokerage company charges more for this deposit and interest than in the normal deposit. Some people use these services and keep their savings by opening deposits through brokers without even trading on the exchange. Why? Because, in this case the funds become invisible fir tax authorities. The interest rate on the deposit is not different from the bank's one and ranges from 9% to 12% per annum.
  • billing premium bonuses on the amount of deals. It is not a secret that brokerage companies get profit in the form of commission on each transaction carried out by the client. In this case, the customers who are active and make a decent amount of trading (i.e., allow the brokerage company to make good money on commission) receive a bonus in bonus payments. The brokerage company "shares" in this way with traders the obtained profit as a result of his trading. The amount of premium bonuses is up to 5% from the amount of trading operations. For example, a client for a month signed deals worth 5000 USD (which is quite realistic, since profitable and unprofitable trades are taken into account), the broker on the results of a month shall be credited to the client's deposit the amount of $ 250 USD. These funds will be directly owned by the trader.
As you can see, the clients of brokerage firms have many advantages that could double their deposit, not even with trading or use the risk-free transactions and increase your deposit in 5 times, or as an incentive you can get vocational training through which you can become a professional in the binary options trading for a short period of time. To sum up, it is realistic for every trader today. Do you want to specifically identify those companies that provide their clients with the maximum benefits? Use our rating of brokerage firms and you will learn about all the bonuses that you can get today.

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