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Work On Binary Options

Trading on the stock exchange during the whole period of its existence is a kind of the easiest way of earning money in the world. Guys with white collars from Wall Street became the symbol of the last century. In this case, the funds that are traded daily on world markets comprise about trillions of dollars. No wonder that the profitability of the exchange trading is constantly compared with the profitability of drug trafficking and arms trafficking.

However, in comparison with the latest techniques, the players in global financial markets are not wanted by all the intelligence agencies of the world, and live an open, bright and full life boldly visiting luxury resorts, buying the most expensive cars, and then, appearing in Forbes magazine and newspaper Times. At the same time, the career of a stock trader usually begins from the very "bottom".

Take, for example, George Soros - the man who once arranged "Black Wednesday" for the UK economy with one of his financial transaction collapsing the British pound sterling at 1000 points for a few hours. Today, this man is one of the world's most respected investors. Although, in his early youth, he worked as a waiter in the usual London eatery and as a collector of apples in the private gardens of the city suburbs.

However, nothing is impossible with the financial market. This confirms the story of the life span of the global trader Bill Williams who earned a fortune on the stock exchange. Today, this man is writing a book the "Theory of Chaos" and teaches hundreds of his followers to trade in the financial markets. The choice to be a trader this man made in his youth refusing the admission to the seminary, where his parents wanted to send him.

There are thousands of such stories, but they are all combined into a single history of the former doctors, builders, mathematicians, taxi drivers, military and people of other professions, making it clear that the financial market is open to everyone and nothing is impossible in a human life.

Nobody is talking about a fast start (although this is possible). Trading on the stock exchange is monotonous work, which has no bright and saturated outbreaks. All bright emotions are connected with the leisure of the traders, which they have the tools and imagination to organize. However, trading in the financial markets is the same way of making money, as the work of the driver or a builder. At the same time, the only question is the amount of remuneration.

How to start a career of a successful trader? With training and long practice. At the same time, making a profit in the first months or even during the first year is not an indicator. The main thing is experience and skills. Believe me, the financial market is a rewarding field that always gives its fruits. In a figurative sense you need to loosen the soil properly, sow the seeds and watered the seedlings emerged, and soon you will be able to reap the fruits of your efforts and aspirations.

Trade on binary options is just one of several types of stock trading which is provided, including to those offered to the private "home use". This type of trade is developed as one of the easiest methods of trading, where the choice of the right direction of the movement is more important than the number of points taken by the trader on the price movement. Trading on binary options has made many people rich and it may become the favorite activity for everyone with the help of which you can permanently leave the hateful place of previous work and fully switch to the stock trading.

As a proof of the fact that trading on the stock exchange can change your world, we offer you to read the letter of the trader which has recently come to the editor of our online resource.

"Hello, dear Editorial!

Recently I have read an article on your site about the history of one trader that gave me the idea to share my life story and development with the readers of the site. Today, I can safely call myself a successful trader and investor of the new generation. My capital will soon reach 2 million dollars, and here I want to describe my way of achieving the financial peaks of Olympus (though this "Olympus" is not very significant, but in my view it is quite a good result).

7 years ago I worked as a school teacher of Math. Waiting for the next salary I made a lot of debts, which took away almost all my salary. It seemed to me that the output from this vicious circle was just impossible. At least, at that time the most appropriate option I considered dismissal and continued my career as a laborer on the construction site in the capital. And I did so.

The first year of work I had to learn a lot. In order to save money I slept on a dusty mattress directly on the building site on the bags of cement mix. However, this year was a turning point in my life. Step by step a plan has formed in my head. A year later I returned home and vowed never to go back to a previous life.

Perhaps, a talent for mathematics and good spatial imagination or an incredible desire to change my life, could lead me to a result which I had not even dared to dream. I found my place in the boundless world of finance.

Today I have a few million-dollars accounts opened in different brokerage companies, dozens of students - several of my own followers and copyright trading systems for trading on binary options and Forex market, as well as ambitious plans to further development in the financial market. In my 45 years I have achieved a lot, but it's just the beginning...

It is not difficult to earn when you have a considerable sum on the account (which is more than a million dollar). At least for me. Each trading day I end up with a gain of a few tens of thousands of dollars, and I changed my apartment to a luxury house on the shore of the ocean (which was my main teacher's dream, which I wanted to make true especially for evil of my ex-wife and scoffers at the previous place of work). Moreover, today I am able to change my place of residence and select any country on the globe simply by purchasing its citizenship and property.

My first million.

The way of a trader can easily be compared to the "path of the samurai." After a few tests I had to go. However, God spared me and I did not repeat the way millions of traders had. In one of the forums I copied a single trading system, after I completed it with my own improvements, I created my first trading tactics. Over the next year I enthusiastically traded binary options. It was a memorable first year in my life, during which I felt what it means - to live in a new way. During the first year of trading (excluding semi-annual wanderings on the "path of the samurai"), I increased my 4,500 USD to 42,000 thousand. I increased my deposit up to 10 times. For this year my trading system has undergone a lot of improvements and optimizations.

I earned my first million in 4 years. Now my shopping deposits in the aggregate amount are more than $ 1.7 million and they are increasing every day.

My trading systems.

Unfortunately, I cannot give a clear description of my own trading system, as it is my trade secret. However, the general principles of the trade I will reveal.

The system "Samurai" is based on the principles of hedging positions and the use of correlations of financial instruments. I get a profit in any way, because at the time when the instrument is in one statement, the second one always brings a profit. I use this system most often when I trade currency pairs. This is my first system, George Soros and his world-famous hedge fund «Quantum» gave me the inspiration for the creation of it. Every year the system generates about 900% of the profits.

The system "Expander" brings me substantial revenues while trading binary options. Through a well-designed system of money management, the exact entry in the transaction, as well as the output of subsidence, this system is superior to all my previously invented systems. By this tactic I created several trading robots working on one of my accounts. The system has been used for 3 years. Capitalization of my deposit for each year is about 1000%.

The system "Formula 1" is also my own design. It is based on win-win algorithm, which produces the seizure of all directions of movements in prices. Thanks to my own mathematical abilities, I calculated the most stable operating system which does not require any knowledge of trading on the Exchange in its application. At the same time, it does not matter where the price moved. The strategy is profitable when it is moving in any direction. According to this system, a trading robot multiplies one of my deposits within 2.5 years. According to the results of trade, the profit for the year is more than 800%. Do not take my letter as bragging. I just wanted to support the novice colleagues who are now on the way which I went not long ago.

Sincerely yours, Successful Trader!"

It seems that this letter does not need any comments. We can just add that before every trader who enters the path of exchange trading incredible vistas are open. You only have to want and the world will be at your disposal.

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