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60-seconds options

When you trade this type of binary option, it seems that you could hear the sound of the operating jet engine. After all, the specified type of binary option is designed exclusively for high-frequency trading – trading that can bring you the same profit within a few hours as all other options within a whole week.

60-seconds options are high-frequency options for high-speed trading in the financial market. This type of trading was invented for the most reckless and impatient traders. At the same time, it is in no way describes their insolvency, on the contrary – this kind of options is the most profitable of all previously described. After all, with the profitability of around 70% on each deal, the trader can make such deals every 60 seconds. Thus, theoretically, in 1 hour one can make about 60 deals and earn much more than on ОNE ТOUCH/ NO-TOUCH with their huge profitability of up to 600%. At the same time, the trader will have to wait those 600% in “touch” trading for a week, but thanks to the 60-SECONDS option they will earn this amount in 1 hour.

The principle of 60-seconds option trading is similar to the classic options, but the main difference between them lies in the time of expiration of the option contract.

Deals with 60-seconds options are made in several steps.

How to trade:

1. Select an asset to trade.

60-seconds options

2. Carry out the price forecast in accordance with the independent opinion or by using the indicator pointing to price trends, or use the free or paid signals distributed via a variety of services. At the same time, if we hope the quotations will rise – click “CALL”, but if we tend to believe that the asset value will fall – click “PUT”.

60-seconds options

3. Enter the amount of investment in a popup window.

60-seconds options

4. Check the parameters chosen and click “apply”.

5. Receive a profit.

It’s very easy. Or rather, it could not be easier!

However, it should be borne in mind that at the time of the release of important economic news, you should be guided by the basic principles of news trading and make deals under the “news background”, i.e. with a certain focus.

American, Bermuda, European types of 60-seconds options.

It should be noted that there are three main types of such high-frequency options:

- American,
- European,
- Mid-Atlantic or Bermuda

The most common is the American type. The advantage of this type of option is that a trader, having achieved the desired result, may fix profits before the option expiration date. This allows you to make a profit and make deals infinite number of times. The European binary option is more conservative and has the clearly fixed runtime. Mid-Atlantic options have unique time “windows”, prescribed by the trade regulations in advance. In this case, the trader has the right, if desired, to make a deal in one of these time “windows”, permanently remaining in the black.

In addition, we should note that the great popularity of high-speed trading led to its further development. Currently, the 60-seconds options on many trading platforms are complemented by 30-seconds and 120-seconds options.

You can get acquainted with the brokerage companies that provide the most interesting offers for high-speed options here. You can choose a trading strategy to trade binary options in the trading strategies sector of our online portal.

Currently, there are great trading robots that are able to trade on 60-seconds options.

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