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Non-indicators long-term trading system “Two candles”

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Suitable options: classical binary options Choose a broker
Expiry time: 24 hours, 4 hours, 1 hour

Professional traders noticed long time ago an interesting tendency or may be regularity of candles building, which brings profits to many speculators of financial markets for many years. This regularity doesn’t have anyhtning common with indicators and graphic pattern is based only on the analysis of one candle. So let’s get to know more about non-indicators trading strategy “Two candles”, using of which is possible in in-day short term deals and long-term trading.


To trade with this strategy, it is necessary for us to have web-terminal, which can show candle charts or alive graphics of binary options, or the platform Meta Trader 4, where there is quotations charts building in the form of Japanese candles.

After you have got this hand device, open the chart of price of any financial asset and look at candles, the chart was built of.

If you look carefully, you can see such regularity that if previous candle closes with bull’smood, that is with increasing, where the spot of opening the price will be lower the spot of closing it, it means that the next candle with probability of 65%-70% will be opened the same.

For example, we open the chart of currency pair EURJPY on timeframe D1.

As you see, if one candle opens as bull one, after it, with more probability, will open a bull’s one, but not a bear’s one. And vice versa, if the candle closes as a bear one, there is more probability that the next will open as a bear’s one, not bull’s.

Come to trading, which is not for weak people. Because when the market lets use this statistics, why we should just sit, doing nothing. More than that, if the exactness of signals of the strategy is over 65%-70%, it means that we can use Martingale method.

That is, if the previous candle closed for decreasing, in opening of the next candle we will sell. If we get loss, we look, what was the previous candle and enter the same direction; we just double deal’s size. If we entered with lot in 5 $ with the percent of paying out 80%, in this case you could look what our trading would be like.

That is, we enter with starting lot 5$ and our clear profit from a deal is 4$, but loss 5$. That’s why to compensate losses we double the lot. Doubling the lot will bring you 8$ of profit, which compensate 5$ of loss, that you got. If after doubling the deal closed with loss, in this case, we double the next lot and do the same thing until we compensate losses, that is, until the deal closes with profit.

Advantages of this strategy:

  • you don’t need to think. If you trade in this way on the chart with timeframe D1, then it is necessary for you to open terminal every day before you go to bed and make a new deal, in the side of previous candle;
  • losses are compensated with the help of the next deal, that is, the given system is non-losses and rather profitable.

Disadvantages of this strategy:

  • good reserve of deposit is necessary;
  • deals are closed late in the evening during the opening of new day candle.


Only classical binary options are suitable for this strategy.


If you trade on the chart D1, expiration time must be 24 hours. If you trade on H4, expiration time is 4 hours, if you trade on H1, expiration time is 1 hour.


This system is very profitable, because all losses are compensated by new profit. Yes, the problem is in deposit, which with starting lot 5$ must be not less than 2000$, to keep the number of false entries, minimum 7 (we take with reserve).

Yes, 4$ a day, it is not a lot and you can start to trade on the chart H4, where your day profit will reach (taking in account that there are 6 such candles a day and night ) not less than 15$. But it is just beginning, because after doubling of your deposit, you can double your starting lot to 10$. In general, with realized account (trading on the chart H4), by this “pyramid” every trader can reach 1000 000$ in 5 years of trading.

Yes. It is very long and monotonous but 1 million dollars of the USA you will have not at the end of your life, but in 5 years. That is, in 5 years you will become a millionaire, while the others are trying to reach it for the most part of their life.


Multiplicating lots and using Mrtingale strategy, you need to take the minimal deposit for the first deal. It is better if it is 5$ with the deposit size 2000$. Don’t you know how to choose a broker with minimal rate? Use our rating of binary options brokers with minimal deal and deposit size.

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