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Graphic binary options strategies

For many decades, the skills of trading with graphic patterns were sharpened by professional market participants. Various techniques and tactics emerged and the number of figures used was constantly increasing. To date, graphic patterns trading is a complex consisting of a variety of trading systems.

What are the advantages?

Every trader trading this type of system becomes a kind of a visual identifier for visual signs delivered by the market. In other words, the market shows the points and directions of entering the trades, giving signals in the form of graphical models (triangles, pennants, flags, etc.). The task of the trader is just recognizing such signals and, therefore, execution of trades that promise a decent profit.

The trading strategies of the mentioned type are often referred to as long-term trading systems. However, the use of this method for binary options trading has made it possible to use this approach when executing intraday trades choosing quote charts of smaller timeframes as the “battlefields”.

Thus, we are talking about the exceptional uniqueness of this approach, which is reflected in the use of graphic strategies for all financial assets and expiration dates. If you mention the percentage of such signals leading to profitable trades, then it will be about 75% -80% of profitable orders execution.

Graphic strategies drawbacks

Yes, reading the signals of the market is not an easy task. Especially because there is no experienced "sign language interpreter" next to a computer monitor and trading decisions have to be made independently. Therefore, trading by graphic patterns is a type of trading recommended to be used by more experienced financial markets participants.

In addition, the asset markets do not lavish gifts every day and show their price patterns pretty rarely. Therefore, choosing a graphics system for trading you should not expect a busy trading day as trades in a single financial asset will be executed not more than once in 2-3 days.

Professional traders suggest using this type of trading systems in conjunction with the other types of strategies.

Selecting the best one

In order for you to choose the best graphics trading tactics it is not necessary to test it personally. It is enough to take advantage of the established rating. With the help of the specified automatic selection you can choose the most effective system or the strategy with the pre-defined risk or profitability.

In addition, with the help of the forms of discussions and reviews placed in the bottom of almost every trading tactics page, you will be informed in advance of all the nuances that have already been met by your predecessors during real-time trading.

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