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Long-term binary options strategies

The specified type of trading is used in most cases by experienced financial experts and professional market participants. Long-term trading system trade is executed for a period of a minimum of a few days up to six months. In this case, the annual gains from trading usually do not exceed 30% -40%. However, such trading capital gains for people who trade tens of millions seem gigantic. In our case, this approach is often caused by the trader's lack of time that the trader can spend on binary trading or by capital limitations.

Let us talk about long-term systems advantages

Quotes charts “longer” time intervals do not have “excess noise”. That is true that the trades are not executed more often than once a week in long-term trading systems. However, the percentage of successful signals usage at such systems is rather high – more than 77%. In this case, the frequency of losing trades the trader receives in a row is no more than 2-3. What does this leave us with? This feature is perfectly used for multiplying trades size without fearing for the deposit.

Another undeniable advantage of long-term trading systems is that it is not necessary to spend days in front of the trading terminals. For trading, you need to use the platform not more than 1 time a day for 20-30 minutes.

Are there any drawbacks?

You might get the idea of long-term strategies trading out of your mind in case you do not have enough self-restraint. As the trading days would go by one by one and the signals for entering the market may not appear at all. Is there a signal to enter? Hold off the excitement as you will need to wait the expiry date for 2-5 days (a couple of weeks sometimes). If you are ready for such a "viscous as honey and smeared in time" trading, then welcome to the world of the win-win trading with the frequency of profitable trades execution prevailing over possible losses.

Selecting the best of the best

Why should one conduct an independent evaluation of strategies if the task can be completed by the traders themselves? However we were not looking to relieve our work but simply provided each reader of our portal with an opportunity to act as an expert by leaving the review for every trading system and defining its rating.

Thus, some trading strategies valued by our experts as perfectly viable were significantly "demoted" by the traders. On the other hand, it's hard to argue with the majority opinion. Especially when the rating system was created specifically for the traders' analysis which today allows all new visitors to go directly to trading the selected tactics without spending a minute on studying the low rating ones.

There is a selection of tools like effective strategies rating, high profitability systems rating, high risk systems rating as well as paid strategies collection from the binary trading market professionals at your disposal.

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